Popular Education

"No one educates anyone, and nobody is self educated; all of us learn from each other, mediated by the world we live in."

Paulo Freire

We're Hiring a Community Health Outreach Organizer!

The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA) is a nonprofit community based organization whose purpose is to promote self-determination in the Latino community in Southern California politically, culturally, and economically using popular education methodology. We promote the development of collective solutions to community problems.


Job Title: Community Health Outreach Organizer
Reports to: Health Project Coordinator, Executive Director, and Board of Directors

Program: Workers Health Program
Status: Part-Time (20 hours/week)
Start Date: As soon as possible
Close Date: June 30, 2016

Position Summary: The Community Health Outreach Organizer has overall operations responsibilities for the accomplishment of the Goals, Plans, Activities, Evaluations and General Performance of the Workers Health Project and its development. This part-time position (20 hours/week) will focus on developing the environmental justice component of the Workers Health Program, primarily through the “Demystifying Household Cleaning Products” project. This project will involve engaging day laborers, household workers and the larger Latino community on the exposure of toxics in our daily lives, such as our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and everyday products. The main goals of the Health Outreach Organizer are to create and help guide a participatory working group, comprised of community members, that will develop multi-media materials to inform Spanish-speakers on the health impacts of toxics in cleaning products, as well as encourage alternative products and community advocacy. In addition, this position will support the Project Coordinator with administrative work ensuring fulfillment of grants / contract requirements and, funding compliance reporting, and other financial and accounting procedures to maintain accountability in this project.


Planning and Operations
Guarantee the development and continuity of the Workers Health Project throughout strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and fundraising activities, under the guidance of the Health Program Coordinator.
Continue developing the design and implementation of organizing strategies based on Popular Education methodology, which will include the support materials, research and evaluation tools.
Promote the active participation of worker leaders, health promoters, volunteers and community members at each location where the Health Program works, as well as creating and implementing work plans that will ensure accountability.

Specific to the Environmental Justice Project—“Demystifying Household Cleaning Products ”
Support the development the Worker’s Health Program organizing strategy through an environmental justice framework
Outreach to workers at the 4 Community Job Centers, as well as in existing community spaces, which includes the Day Laborer Health Promoters collective and the Household Workers collective, “Mujeres en Accion”, in order to consolidate a working group that will carry out this project.
Follow up weekly with members of the Environmental Justice working group to ensure goals of project are being met. This includes communicating with the Program Coordinator when any challenges arise.
Work with the Program Coordinator in developing a work plan that includes the implementation and evaluation of this project.
Coordinate logistics needed for meetings, which includes having all materials (copies, sign-in sheets) and refreshments, when needed.
Keep records and documentation of development of this project; this includes, but is not limited to photographs and notes.

Organizing and Community Relations
Promote popular education methodology across all projects in the Health Program. This includes prioritizing worker participation in the development of curricula, trainings and workshops.
Support efforts to engage Day Laborer Health Promoters and worker leaders in decision-making spaces, as well as promote their development and leadership in community spaces.
Connect community experts, allies and stakeholders to worker leaders and Day Laborer Health Promoters in ways that promote mutual growth and learning.
Outreach to community allies to form partnerships in benefit of target population: day laborers, household workers and larger community. Prioritize medical, housing, and legal services for our membership base.
Support the Program Coordinator with core workshops such as: Community Organizing and Popular Education.

Ensure that grants /contract tasks, eligibility and reporting requirements are carried out.
Maintain a healthy and professional work environment.
Support Coordinators in writing quarterly/yearly reports.

II. JOB REQUIREMENTS: (Skills and Qualifications)
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Knowledgeable in popular education, communication processes and health access.
Broad general knowledge and commitment to immigrant rights, social justice and health equity.
Bilingual (English and Spanish).
Excellent writing and analytical skills.
Basic knowledge of computer operations desirable.
Strong management/supervisory skills.
Patience and courtesy a must.
Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations.
Ability to work early and long hours when necessary.
Ability to prioritize tasks and work well under pressure.

Women, People of Color, LGBTQ+ encouraged to apply.
IDEPSCA is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer.
To apply, please send a cover letter, resume and three references with name, address and telephone number to IDEPSCA, Attention: Workers Health Program at 1565 W. 14th Street, Los Angeles, California, 90015. Please include a daytime phone number where you can be contacted. You can also send information by email to jobs@idepsca.org or by fax to (213) 252-2953. For more information, please call (213) 252-2952, Ext. 12.