Popular Education

"No one educates anyone, and nobody is self educated; all of us learn from each other, mediated by the world we live in."

Paulo Freire

About Us


Our mission is to contribute towards the transformation of creating a more humane and democratic world through the use of popular education. Specifically, our goal is to organize and educate low-income community members who want to resolve problems in their own communities.


Our roots trace back to 1984 when a group of students and parents met in Central Park in the City of Pasadena to confront racism, educational inequalities, and the lack of affordable housing. Stories of joy, struggle, and hope became mirrors for our educational and organizing processes.
This experience, and systematic practice that evolved from it, has given the Institute the tools and methods to successfully work with low-immigrant workers and others groups committed to solving problems in their own communities.

IDEPSCA practices Popular Education in its daily activities its manifestation goes by the following:

"Popular Education is a process of analysis, critical and participative reflection through economic, political, and sociocultural realities that arise from the impoverished organized groups."

IDESCA's First methodological workshop. Santa Barbara, CA February 1997).

In other words we are Reading Reality to write History.