Our Mission
To create a more humane and democratic society by responding to the needs and problems of disenfranchised people through leadership development and educational programs based on Popular Education methodology. Specifically our goal is to organize and educate immigrants concerned with solving problems in their own communities.

Popular Education

"No one educates anyone, and nobody is self educated; all of us learn from each other, mediated by the world we live in."

Paulo Freire

We are pleased to welcome Marcela Hernandez to our Health Project. Marcela is working as the outreach coordinator for this year's project on toxic education and advocacy for the Day Laborer Health Promoters and Household workers funded by the Rose Foundation.

Marcela has a strong background in organizing for immigrant communities and we are excited and feeling lucky to have her as part of our team.

Dozens of household workers and allies gathered this morning in front of the Ronald Reagan State Building in Los Angeles to commemorate the 2 year anniversary of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in California, AB 241. But the tone wasn't quite celebratory. That's because the caregivers, home care workers, nannies, babysitters and housekeepers present knew all too well that having a law on the books guaranteeing overtime means little if:

A) the law is not enforced
B) workers aren't educated
C) employers are not educated.

Mujeres en Accion Talleres-Sept 2015-page-001 | by IDEPSCA1

IDEPSCA is happy to announce that the Day Labor Project (DLP) has two new staff members.
Omar Encinas (left) comes on board as coordinator for our Downtown Community Job Center and Alberto Rebalo (right) is the coordinator for the Harbor City Community Job Center. Both have experience working doing outreach and community development on Boyle Heights and we feel lucky to have them at IDEPSCA.

The Institute of Popular Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA) is a nonprofit community based organization whose purpose is to promote self-determination in the Latino community in Southern California politically, culturally, and economically using popular education methodology. We promote the development of collective solutions to community problems.


Job Title: Community Health Outreach Organizer
Reports to: Health Project Coordinator, Executive Director, and Board of Directors

Program: Workers Health Program
Status: Part-Time (20 hours/week)